April 21, 2024
Sunday Rahu Kaal Time

Sunday Rahukalam & Yamagandam Timings

Rahu Kaal is a term that is often associated with fear and inauspiciousness in Indian Vedic astrology and mythology. In the southern part of India, it is also known as Rahu Kalam, and it typically lasts for approximately one and a half hours every day.

RahuKalam Yamagandam Today

Day Rahu Kalam Yama gandam Gulika
Monday 07:30-09:00 13:30-15:00 10:30-12:00
Tuesday 15:00-16:30 12:00-13:30 09:00-10:30
Wednesday 12:00-13:30 10:30-12:00 07:30-09:00
Thursday 13:30-15:00 09:00-10:30 06:00-07:30
Friday 10:30-12:00 07:30-09:00 15:00-16:30
Saturday 09:00-10:30 06:00-07:30 13:30-15:00
Sunday 16:30-18:00 15:00-16:30 12:00-13:30

The demon Rahu is believed to have malicious effects, which is why it is advised not to begin any auspicious or important work during Rahu Kaal. Doing so may lead to failure and bad luck.

Knowing the timing of Sunday Rahu Kaal is particularly importantbecause Sunday is the day of Lord Surya, and the timing of Sunday Rahukalam can significantly impact your chances of success. The most inauspicious and unfortunate time on this day is Rahu Kaal Sunday and Yamagandam on Sunday. To achieve success and avoid bad luck, it is advisable to refrain from starting anything new or auspicious during this time.

While it may not always be possible to avoid important tasks during Rahu Kaal, chanting the Hanuman Chalisa and offering jaggery and Panchamrit to Lord Hanuman can help tone down the malicious effects of Rahu. Consuming this prasad before starting an auspicious work can be beneficial.

Rahu is considered a snake in Indian mythology that eats up the sun, causing an eclipse. Due to its association with this monster, Rahu Kaal is believed to bring bad luck and is considered malicious.

To avoid the negative effects of Rahu Kaal, it is advisable to continue with normal activities during other parts of the day. While Rahu Kaal is one factor to consider when planning important activities or events, it is important to maintain a balanced and mindful approach to life, rather than becoming overly fixated on auspicious timings or rituals.

The timing of Rahu Kaal is known by different names, including Rahu Kalaam, Rahukalam, Rahu kal, Rahukalam, and Rahukal. Ultimately, by being mindful of the energy and auspiciousness of different times and activities, individuals can align themselves with the natural rhythms of the universe and create a life that is fulfilling, joyful, and abundant.


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