RajYog in Kundali (कुंडली में राजयोग) is a powerful and auspicious Yoga for native that predict great potential for success and prosperity in life. Our Rajyog report service analyzes your Janam Kundali to identify you good time when the planets are aligned in a way that is highly auspicious for success and prosperity.

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What is rajyog?

Our expert Vedic astrologers will carefully analyze your Janam kundali to identify you Rajyog types & periods, and provide you with a detailed report explaining the significance of these alignments and how you can best take advantage of them.


Rajyoga is an auspicious formation of planets in the Kendra and Trine/Trikon houses of your Birth Chart, which gives favourable results and a lot of benefits if it is found in one’s Janam Kundali. राजयोग किसी की जन्म कुंडली में पाए जाने पर अनुकूल परिणाम और बहुत सारे लाभ देता है।

Types of rajyog?

RajYog NameMeaning
Gaja Kesari YogaGajakesari Yoga is one of the most powerful Raj Yogas.
Hansa YogaThis Yoga is known for highly knowledgeable, spiritual and blessed with a long life.
Dhan YogaWealth, luxury and extravagance in life.
Chandra ManagalAbility to earn money and glorious financial status
Trikon YogaSuccess in professional life and accomplishments in private and government services.
Ubhayachari YogaGood Fortune
Vasi YogaNative is spiritual and intelligent
Vesi YogaNative with this Yoga will social status, contacts and succeed by hard work.
Durudhura YogaNative will be rich, admired and with high morals.
Anapha YogaGood leadership skills, and enjoy good health.
Sunapha YogaSelf-made and enjoy financial growth, and happiness in life.
Vipreet YogaAchieves a lot of things
Neech Bhang YogaEnjoys a king-like lifestyle and enjoy full of all the comforts.
Malavya YogaGood marital life and is blessed with luxuries in life
Bhadra YogaHighly intelligent, Status in society
Ruchak YogaFame, Wealth, quality of character

Frequently Asked Questions

Gaja Kesari Yoga, Vipreet Rajyoga, Neech Bhang Raj Yoga are some of the most auspicious Yogas.

Its a prediction based analysis of kundali to find the types of rajyog in your kundlai chart. Does not always guarantee that the native will be rich and affluent in his/her life.

At MyAstroKart many experience and jyotish expert that read your kundali chart to know the rajyog do you have.