People who observe vrat on purnima for them purnima tithi is important for them. Here is list of punirma vrat dates in this 2024.


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Purnima or full moon around the world know as like in hindi: पूर्णिमा, पूर्णमासी , in Malayalam: പൗർണമി/പൂർണ്ണചന്ദ്രൻ, in Telugu: పూర్ణిమ/పౌర్ణమి, in Tamil: பூர்ணிமா/முழு நிலவு. Purnima have astronomical significance throughout the world because of moon appears brighter and full.

Importance Of Purnima

Each Purnima holds some significance in the Hindu calendar. Therefore, occasions and festivals are celebrated on every Purnima in the twelve months.

  • On the day of Purnima, the full moon is visible in the sky, which is a symbol of ending darkness.
  • On this day, special worship of Lord Satyanarayan is performed.
  • Many gods have taken human incarnation on this day.

How to do purnima vrat puja?

Here is simple guide for purnima vrat puja. For Purnima Puja And Fasting Procedure you connect with out talk to astrologer service. Where astrologers (pandit ji or jyotish shastri) will consult your.

  • Wake up before sunrise and take a bath.
  • You may worship Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu on this day.
  • It is an ideal choice to fast without eating anything or Falahar.
  • Fasting starts at sunrise and ends with the sighting of the moon.

List of Purnima Vrat 2024

Vrat Name Date Tithi

Purnima - Frequently Asked Questions

Purnima is a full moon day called pooranmashi. It occurs once in every month and on this day the Moon, the Earth and the Sun align on a straight line.

Purnima ie full moon day is dedicated to lord Vishnu and the Guru.

List of Purnima Vrat given in table purnima calendar 2024